From the Land

Conpot Care


Conpots are designed to last. All pots are finished with a waterproof seal that lasts 10 years. This not only protects your planter but also the surface it sits on. 

Conpots are made using frost proof cement and are finished with a waterproof seal, making them suitable for use indoors or outdoors.  With the exception of the Extra Large 40 planter, our planters are not made with drainage holes.  If you are using a planter outdoor it is important not to let standing water freeze within the pot as this may expand and damage the planters integrity.

In order to keep your Conpot and plant well drained we recommend putting small drainage stones inside the bottom of your pot before planting. Alternatively plants in plastic pots with drainage holes can be placed directly inside the Conpot. Always ensure your soil is moist but not wet and avoid build up of standing water in the bottom of the planter. Black basalt drainage stones, sourced from Shropshire, are available on our website. Add them to your order when selecting the delivery option. For advice on using the stones when planting see our journal post 'Conpot Care'.

When using the Votives we recommend lighting candles before placing them in the votive to avoid scorching the concrete.